Greece and the islands- אתר יוון והאיים
Greece and the islands- אתר יוון והאיים
יעדים מומלצים
איים ביוון
אזורים ביוון
הזמינו עצמאית
יעדים פופולאריים
למטייל העצמאי
מידע והמלצות

English owned by Sivan Zamir is The largest site in Israel for vacationing and Travel in Greece, The site contains thousands of information pages and is placed in high positions on Google The management of the site carries out a variety of marketing activities in order to increase and develop tourism from Israel to Greece. In addition to increasing tourism to known destinations, this site helps to promote tourism to less known areas  as Pelion, Zagori, Tsumerka and more

Over three million Israelis use this site every year before they make their holiday in Greece, The site contains recommendations on hotels, restaurants, airlines, car rentals, hiking trails, beaches, mountains, attractions, taverns and more.  The site also allows online booking. As part of the marketing process we are also making videos, here is a video we produced this year for the promotion of tourism to Tsumerka & Zagori and also Athens.

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