Greece and the islands- אתר יוון והאיים
Greece and the islands- אתר יוון והאיים


We provide to more than 3 million visitors in our sites in israel each year. The most beautiful places in Greece, the best Hotels and Resorts, the hottest attractions & The best ground services in greece, our website "" is the  biggest web site in israel about travel and vacation to greece [mainland] & the islands - Is the most popular Web site in Israel about vacation in Greece, the site is located in highest positions in goolge search and more than 90% israelis who departed from Israel to Greece visit this site at some point during the time the planing vacation or trip to greece This is not accidental tourists from Israel has grown to the following destinations : Zagorochoria, Paros, Pelion, Crete , Mykonos, Santorini, Athens, Thessaloniki, Tzoumerka, Rhodes. Andros, Zante, Skiathos, Lefkada , and more  that happen becouse of promotion we are doing in "greece-islands" website, as well there is no Accidental that the outher destinations are not so promoted, we are the main channel for promoting tourism destinations in greece in the israeili net

In recent years, this site has been responsible for developing and promoting tourism from Israel to more than 150 destinations in Greece We use a variety of Internet and off-line marketing channels that can promote and develop tourism to any destination in Greece If you have a goal that you want to open to an Israeli audience or business that you wish to promote, contact us and we will be happy to offer our promotion and branding services

Advertise and promote your hotel or villa to Israelis

We offer hotel and villa owners in Greece a number of advertising channels
, Through this publication you can significantly increase your exposure to tourists from Israel
Some of ower hotels in greece we promote :  Grand forest metsovo - Aristi mountain resort - Chroma villas Pelion - Anavasi mountain resort, The lake ioannina and more 500 Hotels.. as we are promoting the tourism from israel to : Epirus, Pelion, Attica, Paros, Crete, Skiathos, Thessaloniki, Santorini, Andros, Rhodes, Tzoumerka, Zagorochoria, and more locations in greece

Greece & The islands
is the biggest and most professional website in israel for travel and vacation to greece
Most of israeilis arriving to greece plan & Book Their vacation by using Greece & The islands
As the owner of a hotel or villa or a tourist business in Greece
we can attract a large number of new customers from Israel
And all this with relatively low advertising costs and a very high conversion rate

Contact us for more information and costs :
Mobile 30-6945178114  Sivan Zamir - ENGLISH
30-6978554621  Ελληνικά


Over three million Israelis use this site every year before they make their holiday in Greece, The site contains recommendations on hotels, restaurants, airlines, car rentals, hiking trails, beaches, mountains, attractions, taverns and more.  The site also allows online booking However, it is important for us to maintain a high level of accuracy and content, so we do not advertise every hotel or villa that pays, If you would like to advertise your accommodation with us, please send us details of the place for review before we issue you a quote

Greece and the islands- אתר יוון והאיים

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