Greece and the islands- אתר יוון והאיים
Greece and the islands- אתר יוון והאיים

Paros hotels for everyone

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The lovely Greek island of Paros has something for everyone and the Paros hotels provide the visitor with a variety of accommodation choices. Whether you are vacationing on a shoe string or have money to splurge, Paros hotels will fit the bill.

You will find hotels ranging from "1 Star" all the way up to "5 Star" Deluxe. Keep in mind that rates can more than double from low season to high season and the rate span described here reflects that. Most Paros hotels divide their seasonal rates as follows:

Low: April, May and October Middle: June and September High: July and August

Here is what you may expect to find in your search:

"1 and 2 Star" Paros hotels: These hotels provide all your basic needs. Although not as luxurious as other categories, the owners pride themselves in providing exceptionally clean, bright, and comfortable surroundings. Most include private bathrooms, TV, air conditioning, balconies, and easy access to the beautiful beaches and villages. "2 Star" hotels often have their own private swimming pools and lovely views to add to your pleasure. Usually run by families, your family will feel right at home. Rates for "1 Star" Paros hotels average between 29 and 75 euros per night for a double room and rates for "2 Star" Paros Hotels average between 50 and 90 euros.

"3 and 4 Star" Paros hotels: These hotels provide more luxury and are often works of art themselves, combining modern conveniences with traditional Cycladic architecture. All have private swimming pools and some even have their own private beaches. Most have onsite dining and many provide athletic activities as well as relaxing services such as spas and saunas. Although more posh than lower rated hotels, these are still very family-friendly. Rates for "3 Star" Paros hotels average between 50 and 150 euros per night for a standard double room and "4 Star" hotels average between 60 and 198 euros.

"5 Star" Paros hotels: These Deluxe-rated hotels are destinations within themselves. With the finest facilities that Paros has to offer, you may be tempted to spend your entire visit being pampered by the expert hotel staff. Complete resorts, they offer the best combination of privacy and onsite activities including tennis courts, mini golf and spa facilities. First class restaurants are the norm. Average rates for a standard double room range from 135 to 287 euros per room per night.

Well, come to this island and Paros hotels will make it sure to spend your best time ever.


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