Greece and the islands- אתר יוון והאיים
Greece and the islands- אתר יוון והאיים

We provide to more than 3 million visitors in our sites in israel each year. The most beautiful places in Greece, the best Hotels and Resorts, the hottest attractions & The best ground services in greece, our website "" is the  biggest web site in israel about travel and vacation to greece [mainland] & the islands. - Is the most popular Web site in Israel about vacation in Greece, the site is located in highest positions in goolge search and more than 90% israelis who departed from Israel to Greece visit this site at some point during the time the planing vacation or trip to greece.

This is not accidental tourists from Israel has grown to the following destinations : Zagorochoria, Paros, Pelion, Crete , Mykonos, Santorini, Athens, Thessaloniki, Tzoumerka, Rhodes. Andros, Zante, Skiathos, Lefkada , and more  that happen becouse of promotion we are doing in "greece-islands" website, as well there is no Accidental that the outher destinations are not so promoted, we are the main channel for promoting tourism destinations in greece in the israeili net

 The largest News portals in Israel refer to our website on any subject related to tourism in Greece : YnetWalla  | calcalist | Globes | Makochanel 10 TV | chanel 2 TV


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for regional or island promotion please contact sivan zamir at

HOTEL 5* :  1500 euro [ basic promotion ] 
HOTEL 5* :   2500 euro [ Full promotion ] 
HOTELS 3-4* 750 euro  [ basic promotion ] 
VILLAS 1000 euro [ basic promotion ] 
VILLAS 2000 euro [ Full promotion ] 
VILLAS 2500 euro + 3% from israeili reservations [ EXTRA full promotion ] 

Basic promotion : just list your hotel or villa in the location page in our site.
full promotion : list youe hotel or villa in the page location + push your accomodation with our service team.
Extra full promotion : same as full promotion, but with more promotions in some outher pages of the site for maximum exposure!

The site is located in the top positions of the major search engines in over 10000 search phrases related to vacation and trips in Greece and is the main source of information for Israelis leaving for Greece
The site serves as a barometer for tourism coming from Israel through marketing in a variety of layers

In addition to the main site, we also operate focused satellite sites that strengthen the group's activity on the Internet




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